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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Beijing on March 2, US experts on today's four major US brand name NBA players made a hypothetical war, the final results of the Nike beat the pack to win the championship. old giant Finals: Adidas, Converse VS Adidas lineup: point guard Gilbert Arenas, Tracy McGrady, forward Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, center Dwight - Howard (substitute: ratio Lupus, Adam - Morrison, Knoch Warne, Peja Stojakovic, Grant - Hill, Mike - Miller, Jordan - Fama) Converse lineup: Hou Weiwei Germany, Hinrich, forward Haslem, Kyle Korver, center Sweetney (substitute: Jameel - Nelson, Andre - Miller, Morris - Evans, Olien - Green) Battle result: If the game into the 1980s, this is definitely a senseless confrontation. Adidas was in Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping the NBA has no influence, and owns Converse - Larry Dr Bird, Magic Johnson and J such a superstar. Although in recent years, Converse has rebounded, but its growth rate is far better than Adidas. Adidas lineup too luxurious, but also more depth. End the game early, Arenas and Tracy McGrady in the first half mad score (scored 38 points), Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett and Howard next to hold the line, but inside the lack of people's reluctance to use Svetlana Converse only 6-foot-8 Nepal act as center. Adidas, Converse 122-98. giant breed contest: Nike, Reebok VS Nike lineup: guard Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, LeBron - James, Dirk Nowitzki, center Emeka Okafor (substitute: - Carmelo Anthony, the - Gordon, Jermaine O'Neal, Carlos Boozer, AI Retro jordans for sale - Harrington, Amare Stoudemire, Randolph, Bland, Rasheed - Wallace, Alonzo Mourning, Hamilton , Josh - Howard, Pierce) Reebok lineup: guard Allen Iverson, Levy Princeton, forward Gerald - Green, Jeff - Foster, center Yao Ming (substitute: Barron - Davis, Crawford, AI- Jefferson, Alan - Ray Peterson, Marvin - Williams, Quentin - Rose, Brent - Barry, Josh - Bohn) Battle result: although Reebok may launch a strong challenge in five years, but Nike is the undisputed king. Strong enough to challenge Nike's lineup of original Dream, four scorer Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dirk and Anthony can benefit from Nash's pass in, in addition to focusing on defense Okafor and Mourning. Reebok's starting lineup with a reasonable answer, Levy Houston cheap jordans for sale mens with Yao Ming, as well as coolies Foster, but Reebok and Nike did not compete bench. The score close in the first half, Iverson, Levy and Winston Davis scored in double figures, but Nike with like Jermaine O'Neal, Carlos Boozer and bully the bench opened the points difference. Nike Reebok 132-119 Finals: Nike, Adidas VS Battle Results: Although the self - Michael Jordan, Nike set the tone in the NBA We have a ruling power, but in recent years the expansion of Adidas also attracted a lot of their big players. The game is an opening Biao points battle, Bryant, James and Anthony turns to score, and Gilbert Arenas, Tracy McGrady and Kevin Garnett are not much better. The first half both sides failed to get more than five-point lead, b cheap jordan shoes for men ut Jermaine O'Neal, Paul Pierce and the Sundance Kid bench lineup ultimately ensure Nike advantage. Adidas Although much score points except the starting outside, but they have on defense and Howard Duncan, but Nike's bench too, to the final few minutes, Nike finally opened the points difference. Nike, Adidas 143-132.Be Courageous was composed by the two Grammy prize winner, jazz pianist Robert Glasper, whose keynote was to pay tribute to the continued struggle and achievements of Kobe Bryant throughout his 20 year career. The film shows the creative process and Inspiration of the Robert Glasper Trio in this song. Robert Glasper 4/4 and 6/8 took to the music creation, set the tone, the Jazz tradition beat more than. A major event cons Cheap air jordan 12 ovo istent beat numbers and the history of April 4, 1968 (4/4/68), American civil rights leader Martin Luther King · · Memphis city in the state of Tennessee Lorraine Motel assassination. In addition, Robert Glasper has also been inspired by the city's rich musical heritage, such as Starks records (Stax Records). The Starks label is a symbol of the city, where its artists regularly enter the Lorraine Motel and become a catalyst for community development. This story also inspired Kobe 11 BHM 4468 basketball shoes, the tongue with iconic record patterns, and other related to the music story details. As one of the 2016 Black History Month products, it is now available at the designated store in Taiwan. Please check it on the offi Cheap air jordans for sale cial website. is the classic type of shoes based on modern technology and techniques in recent years, the major brands can be seen, the Asics Gel-Lyte 3 is chosen as the basis, while preserving the sense of movement for running shoes retro added FluidRide sole technology, is composed of "SpEVA" and "Solyte" two the material, can ease the impact and rebound height play material, in addition to the bottom outside vamp performance improvement is quite obvious, the exposure of a variety of color, is expected in the summer sale, you can be on sale before the reform of the picture by feeling. news source: solecollectorThe is located in the famous shoe store atmos in Insta last year when Japan Harajuku Pump Fury 20th anniversary and Reebo Retro jordans for sale k to launch more than two wonderful works, but the two sides once again launched jointly in the summer, the same selection of classic shoes Insta Pump Fury as the protagonist, actually a lot of people in the first time to see it, the buttons are bound to attract will be located in the top, like a small had seen someone by 35 friends around and wonder of it hit mad pressure, although it is not recommended to do this, after all, use for a long time how much will damage (laugh), but have to say that it also makes the whole shoes become the focus many people are concerned about. In terms of color matching, this summer is quite popular with pure white as the base, and the use of tannin fabric makes the shoes of single color have a very delic cheap jordans online ate texture, which brings fresh and pleasant atmosphere for the recent hot climate. Taiwan is also expected to debut this Saturday at a price of $5250, and interested friends may refer to the local INVINCIBLE for sale information. source: EU KICKS Air Jordan Retro with many? 4? The original color after its launch in 2012 this year there are several new colors to launch, the launch of the color is relatively low-key but is said to have luminous design, use the gray and vamp in the details of the part with the use of the green to do an ornament, at present, the intelligence map also can not see whether there is a luminous effect, but presumably this color will become quite popular style this year, is expected to fall this year, please c cheap jordans for sale ontinue to pay close attention to the following more information. source: solecollector?adidas women's running shoes UltraBOOST X launches pure white new color, fresh and charming pure white shoe body, provides the girl student this summer's match choice. Gather UltraBOOST and female exclusive shoes PureBOOST X and UltraBOOST X unique advantages, have the excellent performance of the BOOST in the end, Primeknit woven with Continental tires outsole, while injecting PureBOOST X unique Adaptive Arch hanging arch design, will also have the function of running shoes and shoes designed for maximum female design, become Adidas women in the family of top running shoes. adidas UltraBOOST X pure white color will be on sale in Taiwan in April 2 cheap foamposites 7th, model: BB0879, priced 5890 yuan. Detailed information please contact the adidas shop sale running fans. earlier in the dynamic GRIFFIN / BLAKE players turn into JORDAN BRAND The path winds along mountain ridges. signing revealed Blake Griffin will join Jordan Brand, and Griffin with the Clippers he put on Jordan Supper.Fly in the first game in the home court also successfully hit the ground running, although the Blake Griffin performance is not particularly eye-catching, but from a few dunk still can see the incredible power for the future, he and Russell Westbrook and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Kendall Marshall, Jared Sullinger and Jeff Taylor several new signing force will bring the vitality of Brand Jordan people are very looking forward to. source: COUNTER KICKS network Jordan Brand came earlier in the end there will be designed for girls to design Air Jordan 11 launch, scheduled will officially debut in December, Air Jordan series of shoes in the past are designed for male athletes, the news of a sure will let female shoe look forward to endless exploration, real appearance and color scheme of the current shoes you are not yet public, please wait and see! First, Girls-only, Air, Jordan, not, Mid, a, low, will,, be, releasing, in, December - J23, iPhone, App (@J23app), February 25, 2016 recently exposed on the Internet this? Air Jordan 1 Skinny High GS from the release of subvertthe ever for everyone? Air Jordan 1 impression, the Internet on the real map release can finally let everyone see this is designed for girls to create the Air Jordan Skinny High GS? 1 unique charm, extremely high the appearance of collocation on huge tongue, and more slender shoes seem in the test with ladies leg enough grograine (laughs), with the sale? There is no this information, please pay close attention to the follow-up reports more. source: sneakernews?huf street brand from San Francisco recently re-released the new 2012 summer footwear line. The launch of the footwear line can clearly see many other brands of shoes classic reference, but learn before if brands such as BAPE had more wonderful ideas, this can be said to be quite satisfactory in HUF, Even for HUF is quickly advancing such a brand, some conservative and stagnant, after several quarters of this product really shines countless people to feel, I do not know whether the arrival of autumn and winter when the HUF can surrender more Good answer it? Buy Address: HUFJordan Brand prepared by the end of each year will become the object of the sneaker to the panic buying. And recently according to data SportsScanInfo. By the end of December 2015, retailers a total sell the 1073649 AJ11 big devil king which male models sold 383094, Tong code sold 690555, sales of high up $131759122. And last year, AJ11 legendary blue then sold a total of 963242 pairs, but the sales is staggering as high as $142913622. What do you think about this, and how much you contribute to it. source: solecollector

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